Bethesda Terrace Central Park Elopement

Bethesda Terrace Central Park Elopement

Bethesda Terrace Central Park elopements are possibly my favorite thing in the whole world. There’s nothing like waking up early and arriving at the park with the crisp morning air and no one around. I find that intimate ceremonies tend to be more emotional and personal, and I always end up shedding a tear or two!

We met early in the morning for Julie & Dan’s intimate elopement (to minimize crowds and for optimal lighting), with only Julie’s sister and an officiant in attendance. The rest of their loved ones joined via Zoom through a phone set up on a tripod.

We only had one small mishap with the tripod falling over, but Julie said she was glad for the comic relief because she was about to start balling!

Ambyr set the tone by burning some palo santo at the ceremony site, and read a perfectly crafted, heartfelt ceremony for the couple. She was so on top of planning and details, and helped the day flow so smoothly! I highly recommend her for your wedding/elopement, check her out here.

Julie’s sister sang a beautiful song–Halo–and everyone was teary-eyed.

After Julie & Dan exchanged rings, they went in for the most EPIC first kiss I’ve ever seen! Take a look at that photo and tell me that’s not SHEER JOY.

After they were officially MARRIED, we walked around Bethesda Terrace for some wedding portraits! These two were absolutely melting into each other after such a sweet, tender wedding ceremony, and the photos came out so gorgeous and emotional!

Congrats you two, so excited to finally got to seal the deal!!

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