Central Park First Look | NYC Wedding Photographer

Central Park First Look | NYC Wedding Photographer

Rachel and Diego got married in Utah, but opted to do a first look in NYC before their wedding day, since this is where they met and fell in love! I love doing first looks on wedding days, but we get EVEN MORE time to get lots of beautiful photos of the two of you all dressed up in your wedding finery. (It’s a great way to do a hair and makeup test-run before the real thing!)

We got up before sunrise to make sure we had Central Park all to ourselves. Around 8:00am, crowds (and their dogs) started wandering into the park, but we were wrapping up by then. Bethesda Terrace is a photographer’s DREAM, we had plenty of gorgeous backdrops: Bethesda Fountain, the Bow Bridge, The Ramble, and the lake.

Another advantage of doing a first look session before the wedding day is we can choose the time when the light is best, without worrying about any time constraints. I am OBSESSED with the glowy, soft morning light in this session––the 5am wake up call was more than worth it!

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