dumbo brooklyn engagement photos by NYC elopement photographer Sarah Sayeed

    DUMBO Brooklyn Engagement Photos


    Maria and Joe had a big wedding planned at Whitby Castle this August, but made the difficult decision to postpone the celebration to next year. But they couldn’t STAND the thought of waiting that long to get married, so they had an intimate ceremony in their hometown on their original wedding date. Then they headed to NYC for a honeymoon and some photos!

    DUMBO in Brooklyn is one of my favorite NYC locations for engagement photos! We can get the iconic skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan bridge, and lots of industrial chic backdrops.

    These two were all giggles and smiles–they exuded so much newlywed excitement and joy! It made me so happy to see them so joyful to call each other husband and wife.

    I loved hanging out with these two during a perfect sunset, and I think we got some killer DUMBO engagement photos!

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    September 13, 2020