Quarantine FaceTime Photo Shoots

Quarantine FaceTime Photo Shoots

The past couple months have been quite the change for me. As a photographer, I’ve always had to travel somewhere for a photo shoot. So when we were directed to stay home, all of my jobs were cancelled. I wasn’t going to be able to take on any more client sessions until all this was over, and I was heartbroken for all my couples who had to put off their engagement photos. Enter Quarantine FaceTime Photo Shoots.

But it’s interesting how restrictions like this stimulate creativity. Photographers have discovered a new way to keep serving their clients, and we’ve started doing quarantine FaceTime photo shoots–photographing our clients from the safety of our own homes! At first it sounds like a wild idea that would never work, but see for yourself the images I’ve been able to capture with my clients–all over FaceTime!

UPDATE – I wrote an article for Business Insider all about my FaceTime Photoshoots, check it out here!

Quarantine FaceTime Photos–all taken remotely!

The sessions have been an INSANE amount of fun, and such a ray of sunshine in my somewhat monotonous, isolated days! It’s such a thrill to be MILES away from my couples and yet capture such intimate, genuine photos through quarantine FaceTime photo shoots.

Interested in Booking a FaceTime Photo Shoot?

Let’s create some fun photos of you and your quarantine buddies to document this historic time. I’ll direct you where to put your phone, how to pose, and snap the photo when the moment is right. Maybe someday you’ll show them to your grandkids when you tell them about the great Quarantine of 2020! 

This is a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones and get some genuine, in-the-moment photos to remember this unique time.

THIS IS NOT: my typical full length photo session with perfectly captured, high-resolution images ready for print.

THIS IS: a fun, in-the-moment session filled with laughs, love, and your furbaby photobombing at all the best times! The photos are going to be grainy and low-resolution, but we’re not aiming for perfection here, this is all about remembering this moment in time.

Completely Dontation-Based

Times are tough for all of us right now, and I want to bring a little light and happiness into your life, no matter your current financial situation.

If you can, I so appreciate your donation to keep my business going through these times!

Ready to book your Quarantine Photo Shoot?

The process is super quick and easy!

  1. Book your time on my calendar here.
  2. Make sure your WiFi is working, and I’ll FaceTime you when it’s time!
  3. I’ll direct you where to put your phone, how to pose, and snap the photo when the moment is right. Lots of laughs and chaos, guaranteed!
  4. I’ll edit your photos and send them over within 2-3 days.
  5. Share your photos on social media, and treasure them always as a reminder of this crazy time.

I can’t WAIT to hear from you and get some fun photos of you! Book a time on my calendar to get started!

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